1° Post


In my first post, I would like to explain a little about how I view the world. Sometimes, the world is the scariest place there is. There are billions of people, and not many of them are like me. Or you. Everyone is different, and that can be scary. But, at the same time, everyone is also overwhelmingly similar. That holds a certain amount of comfort. No matter where you’re from or where you travel to, there are undeniable similarities beyond simple human anatomy. While I will readily admit I am an optimist, on the whole I have found that humans, and all creatures, have an amazing capacity for curiosity, empathy, compassion, and loyalty. Those are the traits that I hold most valuable and this is what I try to capture in my photographs. I aim to portray my basic wonder with our very existence and the world in which we exist with the impressions through my lens. Please, enjoy.

Sunset in Sevilla

Sunset in Sevilla, Spain. My first time to leave the United States and my favorite city in the world.



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