Settling in to NC

I’ve recently advanced from undergrad to grad student; and, with it, came a move from sweet home Alabama to still-in-the-South North Carolina. I’ve been exploring some local scenery and decided it was time to share.


Sunlight through the clouds on the 12 hour trip from AL to NC. My boyfriend was driving at the time, and I may have frantically yelled for him to pull over so I could get this shot. He didn’t really understand what was going on at first. But he pulled over anyway, bless him.


Hedgehogs at the downtown farmer’s market!


Eno River State Park, beautiful light & river


Clear waters


I love this perspective.


My problem when I hike with my camera is that I stop every ten feet and take about ten pictures – but it seems to be worth it.


This is the kind of light you can’t reproduce artificially.


Still loving my macro lens. It makes me get even more distracted by flowers (and insects and bark and rocks and water and basically everything).


This picture makes me happy – like the little yellow flowers are reaching up to the sky.


This is the kind of place that you don’t quite believe exists until you see it for yourself.


Duke Pond – an odd little sculpted oasis


The theme is accidentally turning into water & nature. But that’s really not so bad.


The plants that seem a little ugly or a little odd often make the best pictures. Or, at least, the most interesting.


Beautiful, beautiful place


Butterflies freak me out like nothing else (they fly erratically!). But this one was so still and pretty that I couldn’t help but ignore the little voice in my head saying, “Insects are evil! Run!” So glad I did – butterflies are so rarely still I have to take advantage!


That being said, it kept moving like it was going to take off and startling me into jumping back. I must have looked ridiculous.


I was completely entranced by this wooden dock protruding into the pond. For whatever reason, the wood was almost glowing from the sunlight. This is the kind of picture where you abandon all dignity and get way down on the ground.


Little happy unassuming flowers like this are my favorite.

So, all in all, I guess North Carolina isn’t so bad.


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